About us

Pratham Industries is into a mission of providing varied services that are consistent in terms of positive experiences…Our aim is to build a collaborative workplace where we challenge one another to continually develop skills, share diverse opinions, and enable good ideas to flourish. Our clients' experiences drive us to sharpen our competencies and it is the sole focus of our service deliverables.

Our Journey

The Pratham World group was started way back in 1989 under the banner of Suvin Food Services which managed the canteen services of BRT having 350 employees. Gradually it got mandate for canteen services for NCL ,Trackspart, Vidyut group etc.

During this period we came up with Restaurant business as well namely Maharaja Restaurant, Devi Palace restaurant, Harrycollection, Pratham Veg restaurant, New Kinara restaurant, Garden restaurant etc

By 1997 we started consolidating all businesses under Pratham Caterers. During that period we worked for reputed brands like Bharat Serums, Onida, Supermax etc. This was the time we diversified into Hotels and resorts category as well and opened Torna resorts, Pune .

The business got further structured and organized after inception of Pratham Hospitality Services in 2009 and is going strong since then.Series of industrial canteens and hotel have been added under the Flagship of Pratham Hospitality Services and is fast emerging into a valuable brand.

Our Company Overview

Turnover 15 crores
Employees 2000
Lines of Business  Hotels and Resorts (7 Nos.)
 International presence through “Curry Nations” Singapore.
 Industrial and Corporate catering (22 Nos.)
 Facility, Manpower Management and Housekeeping.
 Logistics and Outsourcing Solutions.
 Corrugated boxes.
 Packaging solutions.
 Paper bags .
  Allied products.
 Manufacturing of CB and Cashew processing.
Head Office Thane, India
Inception 1989 (29 years)

Our Standards

Scope Compliance With Food Safety:

  • Implemented systems will include policies, processes, procedures and recordable evidence which will encompass all the food safety requirements as per the client.
  • Additionally, all Catering Service related staff shall be trained to elementary food hygiene standard.
  • Team Leaders will ensure that proper standards of food safety, personal hygiene and personnel apparel.

Procurement, Storage and Preparation of Ingredients:

  • To make best use of local suppliers and provide high quality food and ingredients.
  • To implement quality control procedures for all incoming ingredients and foodstufs.
  • To ensure that all food is handled, stored, prepared, cooked, and served appropriately.

Equipments Resources:

  • To maintain the stock & check periodically on all the kitchen equipments, crockery, cutlery, utensils, disposables, personal protective equipment, cleaning materials, and any other items supplied by the client.

Menu Development:

  • Taking into account the quarterly customer feedback, the menus to be reviewed.

Food Wastage:

  • All food waste will be disposed of in accordance with client’s Waste Management policy :.

Our Management Team


Mr. Suresh N. Shetty

(Founder and Chairman)

Founder of the group having more than 29 years of experience in hospitality business.


Manjunath Shetty


25 years of experience in hospitality and Logistics sector.


Krishna Kamath

VP(Marketing/new business)

30 years of experience in resource handling and hospitality sector.


Shreeniwas Shetty

(VP- Operations)

15 plus years experience in Catering and Hospitality Industry.

Our Social Commitments

  • Provides 27 types of facility to VPM school and Juniour college, Mulund, Mumbai towards their education. Mr. Shetty is the President of the foundation.
  • Provides uniform and food to 180 students of malawali village in Karnataka.
  • Promotes planation through Pratham Green Foundation.
  • Facilitates marriages of economically backward couples through Bombay Bants sangh.
  • Medical chairman of Thane Bants sangh and facilitates food services to various slums. Involved in fund raising towards their medical need.
  • Provides transportation services to attend school for student of malawali village living in slums

Presets Color

- 13 Layouts